The Initiative To Eliminate Statelessness

1- Since 2019, the initiative has conducted 16 awareness-raising sessions about all the challenges that stateless people face and the legislative discrimination against women regarding granting their nationality. Lawyers, psychological therapists, social specialists, and journalists participated in our sessions. The sessions targeted Syrian women, whether based in Syria or in the diaspora, and representatives of local and international organizations.
To join our awareness-raising sessions, send an email to:[email protected]

2- In 2019, in cooperation with the “Day After” organization, the initiative team held a workshop titled “Syrian Women: the Right to Grant Nationality” in Paris, France. The workshop came out with recommendations and proposals to change the reality of women in the Syrian legislation, depriving them of granting their nationality to their husbands/ children, and discussed the issue of stateless children. The workshop included several actors and interested people on the legal level