The Initiative To Eliminate Statelessness

Voiceless 2

The dialogue-styled podcast addresses statelessness in Syria in six episodes, covering the issue’s social, legal, political, and psychological perspectives.
Produced and presented by: Sulafa Lababidi   –   Audio edited by: Al Hakawati    –   Music: Jundi Majhul
The Initiative to Eliminate Statelessness  WILPF 2021

Prison hell. EP1

At the age of 19, a young Syrian woman was imprisoned and tortured, facing systematic aggression, including continuous rape crimes. Under these assaults in prison, she got pregnant and gave birth to a stateless daughter.Listen to the story via the link in the bio, and share the podcast with your circles to help us raise her voice and of other women who face similar tragedies.
“Voiceless” is a podcast produced by the Initiative to Combat Statelessness in Syria, a part of the Warsheh Team for Documentation and Advocacy Sponsored by Wilpf..
Presented by: Samar
Recording and editing: Jundi Majhul , Script: Doja Daoud , Illustration: Salim Jowied
Warning: This podcast may include sensitive or shocking stories for some people.