The Initiative To Eliminate Statelessness

For decades, the issue of statelessness – especially cases resulting from discrimination against women in the nationality law
remained out of the spotlight. The problem is aggravated by time, as the number of stateless persons and those vulnerable to becoming stateless increased, with immediate implications on women and their children on the psychological, social, and economic levels.

The team of the Initiative to Eliminate Statelessness (IES) in Syria took the step to highlight the issue of statelessness. We released research studies that analyzed the negative repercussions of the problem and explained the reasons that even worsened the situation. Our research activity aims to raise local and international awareness about the issue of statelessness in Syria, as it calls for joint efforts to find solutions for it.


This study focuses on the reverse impact of discriminatory nationality legislation against women that has deprived them of granting their nationality to their husbands and children. It targeted three main affected groups: Syrian women in general, mothers of stateless persons, and stateless persons. The study shows that even Syrian women who are indirectly affected by discrimination nationality legislation are considered half-citizens. The repercussions were analyzed on the social, psychological, and economic levels.
Researcher: Rasha Altabshi
Sponsor: Heinrich Boll – Middle East Office 2023

Humans Without Rights

This research study analyzes stateless people’s cases before and after 2012. The study discusses the way local organizations and media dealt with those cases. It also provides a comprehensive legal review of the legislative decree 276 on granting nationality, focusing on articles that deprive women of their right to give nationality to their children.
Researcher: Rasha Altabshi
Sponsor: Heinrich Boll – Middle East Office 2020